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Knowing your classes

All of our classes are for ANY FITNESS LEVEL! The beauty of indoor cycling is that you are being inspired as a group but working to your own pace. You adjust your own bike for resistance and pedal for your own speed. Your workout is customized to your level every time

Push Fast

In this 45 minute class you will push at higher speeds and varying resistance intervals for maximum calorie burn in minimal time.


Push Fast + Weights

The above class with a brief use of weights.


Push to Tone

In this 1 hour class you will push at varying speeds and resistance while incorporating weights to not only burn calories but build and tone your muscles at the same time.


Push Intervals

In this 1 hour class you will get maximum calorie burn while pushing at varying speeds, resistance and using different positions, weights, and movements to engage every area of your body. This class is taught on and off the bike.


Push +Abs

In this 1 hour class you will do 15 minutes of abdominal work to get the nice flat abs you have always wanted.  All of our classes encourage core work but this gets the extra burn in all the abdominal problem areas.



This class is muscle skills and drills.  Circuits training is used to build, strengthen, and tone lean muscles and core. A new favorite of all.

Freedom Barre

Freedom Barre combines great music and effective exercises using light weights and body resistance training. It uses a ballet aesthetic to combine the key elements you need for a fully toned and balanced body.  Strength, Flexibility, and balance.  With three degrees of intensity to accommodate all levels of ability and experience. 


Bring your Zen to a whole new level!  Stretch, strengthen, and flow to find your center.  Build an amazing core while you sculpt and tone. 



Drop-In: $15.00

(one class)


3 Classes: $39.00

($13.00 per class)

5 Classes: $60.00

($12.00 per class)


10 Class: $100.00

($10.00 per class)

Yearly Unlimited: $750.00

6-month unlimited: $425.00 

Monthly Unlimited: $85.00

(Will auto re-new unless you notify studio)

Group rates available for schools, fundraising, or private events. Please fill out contact form for more informaton.

Gift Certificates available. Give the gift of health for a birthday, holiday, or from the heart.

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