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As you build endurance, you also build your cardiovascular health and increase your lung capacity through a low impact workout (unlike running) which is safe for the knees.


Not only does a 45-60 minute indoor cycling class burn a serious amount of calories (up to 800), these workouts are good for the soul. As you tone your body, you also build mental strength. The added bonus, you are having so much fun pumping to the music you forget you are working out! 

Meet Our Instructors


Vicki Marquez is a Chicago-based yoga teacher, certified health coach and plant-based chef, whose passion for wellness is infectious with a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration, Vicki blends her down-to-earth style with creatively sequenced vinyasas, challenging asanas, and modern meditations into every yoga class. 

Her goal is to help students leave their mats feeling stronger, more flexible and better balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Vicki is a 500-hour CYT with specialized certifications in private yoga training and yoga anatomy. 

When she’s not doing yoga or coaching clients, Vicki loves reading, cooking, traveling and spending quality time with her family, friends and Yorkie pups. 

You can find her at: and

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Gabriella has been spin certification since 2019, but has been committed to health and wellness for long before then. Prior to spin, she played and coached competitive sports. She has completed multiple half marathons and is currently training for her first ultra marathon! She loves lifting weights, hiking, and exploring. It is her goal to build engaging workouts that challenge and support all fitness levels so that all clients can achieve their short and long term fitness goals. She's ready to be your biggest cheerleader--come push yourself and join her for a class!


Lizbeth is a medical coder by day, but spends time encouraging and motivating others in their fitness journey. Fitness and health is a passion of hers and she is thrilled to bring her passion to Push. Music inspires her, and fills her with joy and energy which she brings to every classes. She provides a fun and inviting environment, where the only competition in the room is yourself. 

She is also certified in Zumba, Tabata/HIIT, boxing, Core de Force, Insanity and Barre.

She is married to her best friend & a mom of two kids who keep her on her toes. She ran the Chicago marathon, a few 1/2 Marathons, Warrior Dash and almost completed Chicago triathlon,  but almost drown! Maybe next time she’ll stick to a pool. 


Karen is newer to instructing, but you can't tell as she is a natural. Her goal on and off the bike, is to empower those around her to accept every challenge with a “yes you can” attitude. Her classes are designed to push you out of your comfort zone while having fun! 
-If you’re looking for loud and over the top (even at 5AM)  with upbeat music with the latest EDM/pop hits she's your girl! We promise you’ll leave sweaty, smiling and wanting more! 

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Jaclyn Cassello is a high school English teacher by day and a fitness instructor by night. She discovered a love of group fitness over ten years ago and went on a fitness and lifestyle journey to lose over fifty pounds through group fitness classes!  It was one of her own instructors who encouraged her to move to the front of the class.  So, she gets it! It is by no way easy, but it is definitely worth it and there is nothing as infectious as the energy of a group fitness class with your friends struggling and thriving next to you. Her goal is to give you a challenging workout and frames for growth whether it be muscle gain or weight loss. Each workout includes mods and advancements for all levels of fitness recognizing always that you know your body best.  

No two classes are ever the same. She has been a group fitness instructor for over five years with specialty training in P90X, MetKon Rx, Core De Force, TRX, Sh1ft, and L1ft. You will always get a total body workout from head to toe that pulls from all these specialities. 

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Nicole, CYT 200H

Nicole is a social-emotional learning facilitator.  Her goals are to provide clients with the space and grace to ground themselves in sequences that promote mindfulness and strength as we stretch into and of our comfort zones.  She enjoys creating Vinyasa Yoga sequences to build strength and create internal heat as well as Restorative Yoga sequences to provide our bodies with opportunities to rest and recover.  Nicole enjoys being active, so you might catch her spinning, kickboxing, or in a boot camp class when she isn't working on her "Zen" state.  She is a 2-time Spartan Super Finisher and participates in 5ks to keep herself moving when Chicago weather is kind.  She believes fitness is a great way to

de-stress, build strength, and a give ourselves the much needed "me time" in a supportive community of friends and neighbors. 

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