As you build endurance, you also build your cardiovascular health and increase your lung capacity through a low impact workout (unlike running) which is safe for the knees.


Not only does a 45-60 minute indoor cycling class burn a serious amount of calories (up to 800), these workouts are good for the soul. As you tone your body, you also build mental strength. The added bonus, you are having so much fun pumping to the music you forget you are working out! 



Owner/Spin Instructor


Elliot D. Rios is certified in ACE CPT, NASM CES, ACE Group Fitness, ELI 5 Star Group Fitness Instructor, NTC Certified Trainer and is an Empower Midwest Top Fitness Instructor for 2015 & 2016. Being a personal Trainer for 6 years, Group Fitness Instructor for 9 years he learned a lot from growing up having a difficult childhood. The schools and neighborhoods were surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence. Facing a lack of programs to help develop mental & physical strengths for the youth in the area he was severely bullied in school due to a stuttering condition. It was hard to find an outlet and to defend himself. Elliot turned to fitness and is passionate about teaching others on a healthy way of life. This has allowed Elliot to strengthen weaknesses and overcome many of life's challenges. 

Spin Instructor

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Jillian Torres has been a certified Spin instructor since 2012 and an AFAA certified personal trainer since 2014.  As a result of a lifelong commitment to physical fitness, she has developed a broad background in athletics, weight training, cardio health and nutrition. Routinely incorporating techniques such as circuit training, plyometrics, improving joint stability and body building in her spin routines.  Push indoor cycling has provided the essential platform to help others in achieving their long and short term fitness goals. Jillians workouts are varied and not committed to just one style or way. Her focus is to be adaptive and continually learn new techniques to assist clients of Push Indoor Cycling to their max potential.  

Spin Instructor


Jillian Hazel has been providing group exercise & personal training since 2009. Certified by NESTA & PTA Global. Other specialty certifications include cardio kickboxing, sparring/kickboxing, yoga, core commotion, Muscle Max, Schwinn indoor Cycling, Specialty group strength training & CPR & AED certified. Running has always been a therapeutic motivator for her. Having trained clients how to run & competing with them in events like The warrior dash and the Solider Field 10mile run has been a few of her proudest moments! Jillian is also Baker & Business Owner of Baby Got Protein! Making protein based fresh snacks since 2013.

Kettle Bell, Boxing & Strength Conditioning Instructor

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